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Post 18. New Cross of Saint-Jean-Baptiste

On the way to the mayen of Pinsec, at the confines of the village, 1440 m above sea level, stands a cross dedicated to Saint-Jean-Baptiste. The new cross was erected by parishioners in 2013, replacing the former one, probably erected there by one of the many missions
preached in the Val d’Anniviers by the Capucins of Sion.

Map of St-Jean

This is an opportunity to take a last look at the barns and granaries suspended on the crest of Saint-Jean d’en-haut, but also at the mountain peaks. The Zinalrothorn, 4221 m, was first climbed in 1864 by L. Stephen, F. C. Grove, M. and L. Anderegg.

Our friends remind us that the mountains, populated by legends, inspired fear and respect in their inhabitants. Indigenous people rarely went beyond the pastures. That is why the summits were conquered by the British, always adventurers. Mountaineers however always hired the most agile hunters of the valley, to accompany them. Some became famous tourist guides.


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Now, still guided by our friends, we will go down to Saint-Jean d’en-bas by taking the Cohalet path. Upon reaching the main road, we cross it and follow the roua up to the Saint-Félix oratory and its large cross.