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Post 8. Community granary

The Roczec granary, located in Fang du-mileu, is a fine example of a community granary. It was used to keep the provisions, such as cereals, dried meat, bacon, bread, flour, dried fruit, but also sometimes the clothing used for festivals.

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The granary was in some sense the ancestor of the refrigerator. Refrigerators and freezers arrived in Anniviers, between 1950 and 1960, but not in every home.

The granary, with nine doors that open onto compartments, was used by many individuals. The granary, like the raccard, is placed on wooden stilts, topped by large flat stones that prevent mice and other rodents from penetrating inside the building.

The grenier is like the raccard but by closely observing these constructions, it becomes apparent that they are different. The walls of the granary are made of tightly stacked larch wood beams, to prevent insects from entering, attracted by the meat and food, while the structure of the raccard is more irregular.


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Follow the path up to the raccard that is on your right.