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Post 8. Chapel of Saint-Symphorien

The chapel of Pinsec is dedicated to Saint-Symphorien, the martyr who, around the year 180 AD, was beheaded because he had confessed his Christian faith to the governor Heraclius.

Map of Pinsec

Built in 1715, it was restored in 1779, according to a legible inscription on the gable of the facade. A 1617 document mentions an earlier chapel built in honour of Saint-Symphorien. The chapel, which belongs to the Bourgeoisie of Saint-Jean, had its roof and facades redone in 1980. A gate was placed between the choir and the benches to protect the altar.

The Baroque altar, shows Joseph and Mary holding the Child Jesus by the hand, and, below, the patron saint of the chapel, Saint-Symphorien, with the sword of his martyrdom. To the right of the choir and the altar, one can see a statue of Sainte-Barbe, patron saint of artillerymen and miners. The main altar is decorated with a Baroque altarpiece, composed of two parts. The tabernacle, placed on the table of the altar was executed by Pierre Abbé, in 1937. On the tribune, there is a sculpture dedicated to Saint-Symphorien, which was created by an inhabitant of the village, Jules Abbot, in 1980.

A small bell tower, supported by an assembly of beams, is placed on the roof. It houses a bell dating from 1857, which is engraved with the following inscription : “Louis Walpen His godmother Euphèmie Bonnard and his godfather Georges Bonnard and President Jean Antille”.


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On leaving the chapel go left, to the basin that sits at the foot of the chapel.