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Post 9. Old Chapel of Saint-Marc

A chapel dedicated to Saint-Marc, since demolished, was built on this location, opposite the House of the Bourgeoisie to replace the chapel destroyed by the fire in 1838.

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“The disaster did not spare the old chapel. The walls remained, and the bell was removed with a chest of sacred objects ; but the roof was destroyed along with the bell tower, as were the altar and sacred images.” Extract of the description of Erasme Zufferey.

The date of construction of the first Mission chapel is unknown, but church records indicate that the Bishop Adrien V de Riedmatten visited it in 1687. The Mission community maintained the chapel and celebrated three “ mandatory ” Masses per year. The cross at the back of the square was erected in 1996 in memory of a solemn mass. In 1927 it was decided to build the chapel dedicated to Sainte-Marie-Madeleine.


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Continue on the main road to the village centre, about 30 meters towards the barn to the left of the road.