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Post 2. Chapel of Saint-Germain

The construction of the chapel of Fang dates back to 1863. It replaced a much older chapel.

   Map of Fang


The first chapel at Fang, located below the current one ( at the location of the White House ), was demolished in 1860, subsequent to blasphemous acts.

The chapel is dedicated to Saint Germain d’Auxerre, invoked to protect against the invasions of crickets and grasshoppers suffered by crops in the past.

The choir, in the Baroque style with polychrome wood, is enriched with statuettes dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In the center is the statue of Saint-Germain, with, to his right, Sainte-Apolline, patron saint of dentists. On the right, Saint-Théodule, first bishop of Sion and on the left, Saint-John the Baptist. The statue of the Virgin and Child, in the upper niche, is Gothic, probably from the fourteenth century. The windows represent the dove of peace ( above the door ), the Eucharist with the chalice, bread and wine as well as the Creation. They were made by Gérald Devanthéry from Réchy, between 2008 and 2010.

Until the 1970s, the bell of the chapel rang as a call for prayer, for Mass, but also in case of deaths. Until the 1980s, a Mass was celebrated every week. Since 2011, a Mass is celebrated every second Wednesday of the month. Every year on the last Saturday of July, the village celebrates Saint-Germain.


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Go back down the stairs and turn left before arriving on the main street. Continue past the house, dated 1856 on your left to reach the next location, situated above, on the left.