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Post 13. Old Bread Room

The bread room was situated on the upper level of this building. On the ground floor, there was a slaughterhouse. Like each village in Anniviers, Mayoux had its own bread room.

 Map of Mayoux

In 1924 the villagers, gathered in assembly, took the decision to build a house for bread, a slaughterhouse, which also served as a dairy, and a communal bread oven. The land was bought in 1925, but it was only in 1935 that the building could be built. The oven that was demolished in 1955 during the expansion of the- Vissoie-Grimentz road, was about fifty meters from the building.

Since then, bread has not been made in Mayoux. The area of the slaughterhouse was transformed into collective freezers, which operated for about fifteen years.

In 1976, the “ Société du village “ sold the building to the “ Société de la chapelle “ of the chapel. In 1978, the roof was redone and in 1981, the squares around it were paved. In 1985, a small shelter for a boiler used to manufacture cheese was built nearby. In 2010, the old house of bread was transformed into the village hall after extensive transformation.