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Post 11. Bread oven / Four banal

The oven was used by the villagers to bake rye bread four to five times a year, in sufficient quantity for several months. The term banal in the Middle Ages indicated the property owned by a lord, that peasants could use in exchange for a fee. Then the oven, like the mills, became the property of a commune, a bourgeoisie or a village association.

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This building, which dates from the years 1909-1910, belongs to the “ Société du village “ that still operates the oven once a year. On the first floor of the building is the room where members of the Association gather for their annual meeting, the Saturday before Ascension. The “ Société du village de Mission “ still organises the Corpus Christi celebrations and the patronal feast, as well as taking care of the chapel and oratories, the oven and the old goat park.

In 1890 the old oven gave rise to major repair costs. A list of persons who participated in the costs was established and sixty-four people thereby received the right to use the oven.

The oven is part of the Chemin des nourritures. ( food path )The explanatory panel on site outlines its use in the past.


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Follow the road to the crossroads and look at the building located a little higher on the right.