Post 11. Bread Oven

This oven, which dates from 1800, was restored in 1997 after 50 years of inactivity. An earthquake put it out of service in 1946.

   Map of Fang


Thus, the villagers stopped making their bread. At that time, mountain villages were emptied of their populations. Because of the gradual abandonment of agriculture, families no longer had enough flour to make bread, and they became accustomed to buying everything in Vissoie.

In the past, bread was made three times a year. On the day of breadmaking, the oven was lit at dawn and kept warm all day. Having become very dry and hard after months of storage, the rolls were cut with an axe and then dipped in coffee, milk or wine, to be consumed.

Every year, on the celebration day of the Patron saint, the oven was used to cook no less than two hundred loaves. Behind the oven there was once a goat pen. From May 1 to November 1, children cared for the thirty to forty goats of Fang.


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The beehives are located a few metres down the road.