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Post 7. Bisse and walnut trees

The irrigation canal, called bisse, was carried through hollowed larch wood trunks, known for their strength and resistance.

   Map of Fang


The intake of the Fang d’en-bas bisse was recently rebuilt respecting the original model.

Continuing along the path to Fang du-milieu one can admire walnut trees that are over a hundred years old. Walnut and fruit trees grow everywhere in Fang. These trees are symbolic of the old life when surpluses were rare, and each fruit was important.

The nuts from Fang were transported to Saint-Luc where a nut press extracted oil for lamps. Everything was used, nuts, but also, for example, the wood of the vines ( wild Clematis ) that grow near walnut trees. This was used in the place of tobacco.


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Enjoy these quiet places, and then continue along the path to the granary on your left..