Post 7. Basin and Old Granary

This concrete basin dates from 1928. The village basins formerly made of wood, used to provide water to the inhabitants and their animals.

  Map of La Combaz-Cuimey

Household water was obtained here and clothes were washed. It was only around 1947 that water arrived in the kitchen.

Above the basin, one can notice an old granary that has been converted into holiday accommodation.

On the beam that frames the door, is the probable date of the original construction : “1693”. This type of building was used as a pantry for families to store food, utensils, clothing and various objects.

There are greniers and raccards mainly in Valais, but also in the Aosta Valley of Italy. The grenier consists of separate rooms whose doors open onto an outdoor gallery. Several access doors of this old barn are still visible today.

Next to the basin, in a small display case, the tools of the shoemaker are exhibited, including old shoes with nails. The adjoining small room was originally a smithy where all kinds of nails were made. In 1958 it was transformed into a laundry for a few families in the village. It was also used by the butcher for the preparation of sausages.


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