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Post 9. Barn / Raccard

This raccard, which probably dates from the eighteenth century, was restored in 2007.

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The raccard is an important element in the cycle of the different parts of the work that lead from the field to obtaining flour : from the field to the raccard, from the raccard to the winnowing, and from the winnowing to the mill.

In September, wheat, rye, oats and corn, were brought to the raccard in bales and spread out on the balconies in the sun. Once properly dried, the bales were brought inside. The beams of the raccard walls are spaced to allow air to circulate and to promote drying.

In November, the stems were beaten with a flail. Men standing in a circle, sang and drank, while working. At this time of year, the barns resonated to the music and rhythm of the flails : “One, two, three, four, bis, bis.” Then the grain was winnowed. The wheat separated from the chaff was placed in jute bags, while the straw was, among other purposes, to feed livestock.


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Follow the road for a few metres up to the house on the left.