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Post 2. Access to Saint-Luc

This carriage road was inaugurated on September 25, 1932. Its extension to Chandolin was only commissioned in 1960.

  Map of St-Luc

The inhabitants of Anniviers, said to be “all year on the paths and roads,” devoted much of their energy to building, maintaining and improving access to their villages and parcels of land.

Step 1:
The trails and mule tracks started from Chalais, passed through Briey, Vercorin, Fang, and Vissoie before going up to Saint-Luc.

Step 2:
On foot or by mule, from Sierre to Chippis, and on to Niouc through the forest paths along the cliffs to a place called “Pontis” and on to Fang, Vissoie and Saint-Luc.

Step 3:
The road from Sierre to Vissoie was made usable for wagons in 1863, due to the activity of numerous mines in the valley. Anniviards, from all the villages carried out the work themselves. The work began in May 1854, in the middle of the route, where now stands the Oratory of Notre-Dame-des-Pontis.

Step 4:
The construction of the Moiry dam was at the origin of a significant improvement of the road network in Anniviers. As of 1950 the road was gradually expanded and paved. It allowed easy access between the towns : Sierre to Vissoie and from there to Saint-Luc, on to Chandolin; between Saint-Jean and Grimentz, and the lake of Moiry; between Ayer and Zinal; and finally, Pinsec, and Vercorin.

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