Post 10. House with blue shutters

This old house has kept its charm. It probably dates from the seventeenth century and is the subject of several stories that the villagers transmit from generation to generation.

  Map of La Combaz-Cuimey

It is said that the house was haunted. At one time, at night, the doors opened by themselves and a clanking chain noise rose from the cellar. Apparently Farinet, a famous counterfeiter may have been hidden in this house by the Epiney family from Ayer who brought him up from Sierre, on a cart, between two bundles of straw. This family had a nickname : les Farines ( the flour ). A native of Aosta, then established in Valais, Joseph-Samuel Farinet ( 1845-1880 ) was known as a smuggler and counterfeiter. He mainly produced twenty centime pieces that he distributed to the population. Sentenced to four years in prison, he hid in various valleys in Valais. Several villages in Valais claim to have been on his route.

Continue along this road and look to the right, where the wall of the Fournier house ( a family that is evoked further on ), has original lime mortar and iron joints. This plaster is both aesthetically pleasing and durable.


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Continue 50 meters to the stone basin and into the woods.