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The Planets Trail

Saint-Luc - The Planets Trail involves a walk through the solar system reproduced on a human scale. A 13 km return trip, the Planets Trail is a fun, cultural walk in the uplands above St-Luc


Devised by the team of the François-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory, the Planets Trail is a walk through a scaled-down version of the solar system. The distances between the heavenly bodies are to scale – each metre corresponds to a million kilometres in reality. As for speed, the scale means that the time you take to cover the distance is equivalent to three times the speed of light. It therefore makes it easy to comprehend the distances between the planets and the immensity of the solar system.


The sun and the nine planets punctuate the trail, which links Tignousa and the Hôtel Weisshorn (the trail finishes 1.5 km beyond the hotel). To improve visibility, the sun and planets are reproduced to a scale that is ten times greater (1 m = 100,000 km). Designed as works of art, each of these heavenly bodies has an “identity card” showing its features and technical data.


At an altitude of between 2200 and 2500 m, the Planets Trail is a walk graded as “easy”, although you should allow 3-4 hours for the return trip. Making science fun, this walk encourages the whole family to discover more about the cosmos

The planets trail

Starting point :

Tignousa (at the top of the funicular)   

Finishing point :

The planet of Pluto (1.5 km beyond the Hôtel Weisshorn)

Distance :

13 km (return)

Height difference :  

500 m

Scale of distances :

1 m = 1 million km

Scale of heavenly bodies :

1 m = 100,000 km

Please note :

Option of continuing to Zinal

Smartphone version available from the website www.ofxb.ch


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