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The Planetarium

The planetarium uses a new-generation digital system to project simulations of, for example, a starry sky... don't miss it!

The Planetarium

The Planetarium is a new-generation digital optical system that allows images or films to be projected onto a hemispherical screen (for instance, a dynamic simulation of a starry sky, or a film explaining how eclipses happen). It can be used to illustrate any astronomical subject, for customised sessions that use spectacular full-dome projection.

The Planetarium is situated on the Route du Vieux Village, in an old 19th-century granary called "Stellarium". It is easily recognisable by its special window shaped like a crescent moon, on the side of the building that faces the road.nnaître!

Dates / times :

Dates and times can be seen on the website of the OFXB

Meeting point :

At the Planetarium, on the Route du Vieux Village 60-minute session

Duration of visit :

60 minutes

Bookings :

Anniviers Tourisme - Bureau de St-Luc - +41(0)27 476 17 10

Prices :

    CHF 10.-

        Jeu des Planètes

      St-Luc Tourist Office
      +41(0)27 476 17 10