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The “Pierre des Sauvages” cup-and-ring stone

Saint-Luc - The “Pierre des Sauvages” is an impressive rock with some 350 indentations. It is a fascinating cultural discovery of prehistoric and enigmatic interest.

The “Pirra Servagios” is one of those phenomena that arouse curiosity. Commonly known as the “Pierre des Sauvages” (“the wild men’s rock”), it nestles above St-Luc at an altitude of 1714 m. Around 300 cups (little circular indentations) of different shapes and sizes can be seen on the rock. Some of these are isolated and very distinct; others are linked by a channel. This solid block of gneiss, split into three parts, has impressive dimensions:

Length : 14 m
Width : Between 10 and 15 m3

The “Pierre des Sauvages” is currently the largest cup-and-ring stone recorded in Switzerland.

The local legend tells how the “Pierre des Sauvages” would have been a place of torture in very ancient times. Each cup hollowed out on the rock represented a criminal executed and the size of the cup was in proportion with the seriousness of the crime committed.

How to get there

Starting point :

From the Place de la Marmotte in the village of St-Luc

Duration :

About 20 minutes’ walk

Please note :

Follow the sign for the “Pierre des Sauvages” on the information panel


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