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Ma Pharmacie /Chalais

Medicines, cosmetics, herbal teas, essential oils
Ma Pharmacie de Chalais SA is an independent company situated on the outskirts of Sierre. It is easily accessed and has a car park, so you can avoid the town-centre traffic jams. Our team: Maurice Machoud, pharmacist and member of the Swiss pharmaceutical federation (FPH), is in charge of the independent pharmacy Ma Pharmacie de Chalais SA. Mr Machoud, plus a pharmacy technician, two pharmacy assistants and two trainee pharmacists on placement at the end of their training (final exams in September 2010) make up a dynamic team that is dedicated to serving their patients. The pharmacy’s staff are not only trained in standard medicine, but also in all aspects of alternative medicine, including aromatherapy, fresh plant extracts, Bach flower remedies, homoeopathy, etc.
AdressRue de la Forge 15
Locality3966 Chalais
Phone0041 27 458 37 91
Fax0041 27 458 37 93
Opening hours
Du lundi au vendredi de 8 h à 12 h 30 et de 13 h 30 à 18 h 30. Le samedi de 8 h à 12 h 30.
Opening Dates
Toute l'année