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Pétanque à Vercorin

Pétanque is a great way to have fun and the game is one of Vercorin’s traditions.
Vercorin’s fondness for pétanque goes back many years. In the past, it has been the venue for some major competitions and the tradition continues today. Pétanque is a great way to have fun. Vercorin has lots of places and courts for playing pétanque: L’Hostellerie d’Orzival L’Hôtel des Mayens Le Margueron The café at the cable car station Le Lavioz sports centre The Crêt-du-Midi (during competitions) Don’t miss our annual competitions! Information from the tourist office: Vercorin Tourisme www.vercorin.ch info@vercorin.ch 41 27 455 58 55
AdressRte du téléphérique
Locality3967 Vercorin
Phone0041 27 455 58 55