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Mottec- Post 2. Chapel of Sainte-Claire

The date of construction of this chapel, dedicated to Sainte-Claire, is not nown. According to records, it did not yet exist at the time of the episcopal visit of Adrien de Riedmatten V in 1687. The three statues of the altar probably date from the eighteenth century. In its size, this building is rather akin to an oratory.

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This simple and modest chapel is the setting for a jewel : a wooden altarpiece, carved and polychromed, with statues that are probably executed in part subsequent to the construction of the building. In the centre of the altar, Saint-Pierre is recognizable by his usual appearance with a short beard and his forelock, probably formerly holding a key in his right hand. This sculpture is surrounded on the right by Saint-Antoine l’Ermite with his monastic habit and left, a saint holding his coat with her left hand. His right hand has lost the attribute that would have permitted a clear identification. None of these statues corresponds to the usual iconography of Sainte- Claire, usually depicted as a nun of the Clarisses order.


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The basin is located just opposite the chapel.