Introduction to Saint-Luc

The village of Saint-Luc is located on a kind of natural balcony, in the sun, at 1650 m above sea level, on the right bank of the Navisence.

  Map of St-Luc

There are many facets to Saint-Luc, all worthy of interest. The traditional Saint-Luc, with its centre built in solid stone, the House of the Bourgeoisie, the bread oven, the mills, the community stable, the Roua pasture and its lighthouse located on the Rothorn of the Bella-Tola. There is also a Saint-Luc for tourists, with its services and infrastructure; the Saint-Luc of stars, with the observatory, astronomy evenings, the path of the planets, with its Stellarium and Halley’s Comet.

In addition, Saint-Luc can even boast that it is located at the very centre of Valais. Indeed, on the road from the Prilet to the Hotel Weisshorn, at the level of Gilloux d’en-haut, the exact geographical centre of Valais, is marked by official measurements and the flag of the Canton.

The village now has about 300-year round residents and over 6,000 tourist beds.