Introduction to Niouc

The village of Niouc is located on the right bank of the Val d’Anniviers, at an altitude of 902 m.

Map of Niouc

This gate to the valley has always enjoyed a privileged position. In 1097, the feudal lords of Anniviers had already built a castle here.
It is said that formerly in the village, there was a gold mine.

In the local dialect, known as Patois, Niouc or “Gniouc” means “cloud.” As its name suggests, this place is ideal for observing the changing weather : “Our ancestors had an almost infallible barometer. Suppose, that on a dark night, there were several rain showers accompanied by violent thunder. The next morning, if there was a long line of fog extending from Nax, Loye, up to Briey and the fog dissipates above Niouc, then this meant that good weather was coming. If, on the other hand the fog did not dissipate but instead touched the rocks of Coukello (Beauregard), and the forest of Sierre it was considered a clear sign that there would be more rain and thunderstorms.

This natural barometer provides valuable services even today for informed observers, especially the farmers, in the time of haymaking, for vineyard treatments and other work.”

Today, the village has about 120 inhabitants who live in the town all year.