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History tour of Vercorin

Vercorin - Our guides help visitors to explore the village of Vercorin, its history, traditions and architecture.

A walk through Vercorin, past and present

Archaeology has revealed that people were growing barley in fields on the mountainside as early as 1600 B.C. The old parish church of St Boniface, consecrated in 1508, is a lasting witness to the faith of the many generations of worshippers who knelt at its altar.

Over the centuries, the village has continually changed. Today, its architecture is a testament to the way of life of a whole community of farmers and shepherds, and to the increase in agricultural and livestock production.

On returning from this tour of the village, your view of Vercorin may be more informed, and different. "With me, you will fear for the preservation of so many things that possess an old-fashioned charm, for the existence of minuscule patches of garden, for the Fontaine des Délagettes, for the harmony of the village square, for the old stone walls whose limewash is being removed and whose stone framework is being revealed, for the ancient wooden beams that will be made even thicker by coats of paint" (Henri Marin).

Those who love the place know that Vercorin cannot survive unless its beauty is shared.

Guided tours of the village

Walk around Vercorin with our two guides, Marie-Claude Martin and Romaine Bovier, who both live in the village. Their detailed knowledge of its history and their anecdotes make the tour a really rewarding experience, and you will see the village in a completely different light.

  • Tours in French, German and Dutch

  • Duration: about 1½ hours

  • Every Thursday at 16:00, booking necessary (Minimum 4 people)

  • On request at the Tourist Office

  • Charges: CHF 7 per person, CHF 20 per family

Explore Vercorin at your own pace with a booklet

  • On sale at the Tourist Office, price CHF 3.

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