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Grimentz- Saint-Jean

A shining example of a village typical of the region, Grimentz is a cultural jewel. Wandering its streets and alleyways with their colourful geraniums, you can’t help being plunged into the olden days. Grimentz will share its heritage without fuss through tours, discussions, even chance meetings.

Grimentz has a wealth of natural and cultural resources and has put them to good use, offering its guests a range of varied activities: winter sports, hiking in the mountains, sports events, via ferrata, a visit to the Moiry dam, and more. But above all Grimentz is a delight for all those who hanker after the atmosphere of the olden days, who are enchanted by centuries-old buildings - people who like to combine a cultural break with their sporting holidays, and people who look to their holidays as a source of well-being both for body and soul.


Village map and village car parks map available HERE

Grimentz in figures

  • Altitude: 1572 m.
  • 23 km from Sierre, 7.5 km from Vissoie and 8 km from Zinal.
  • Number of year-round inhabitants: 489

Grimentz in winter

Grimentz in summer

Grimentz’s other attractions


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