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Grand Bisse de Vercorin

The Grand Bisse de Vercorin offers a magnificent hike between Vercorin and the Vallon de Réchy (nature reserve).

The Grand Bisse de Vercorin dates from the end of the 14th century. This bisse gets its water from the Rèche at an altitude of 1685 m (La Lé) and carries it to Vercorin. Never dry, the Bisse de Vercorin offers a magnificent walk through the Vallon de Réchy (nature reserve) and is the ideal access to one of the last valleys in the canton that remains inaccessible to cars. When you arrive at the end of the bisse in the La Lé region, you can quench your thirst and try some Valais specialities at the La Lé snack bar, an ideal location to observe the flora and fauna.

Due to its length (6 km) and the specific features of its sections, the course of the Grand Bisse de Vercorin has been divided into two routes. The first (the Bisse de Vercorin) finishes level with the mountain refuge by the bisse, before it runs into the reservoir above the village.

The second section, commonly referred to as the Bisse de Savanne, runs east from the reservoir, below the Ban road. This section has some lovely views over the village of Vercorin.

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