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The Frasses community

Its territory went from the stream of Pinsec to south of the Trutzau path.

 Map of Mayoux

Formerly, the name of Mayoux was little known, since this area was part of the Frasses community.

The locality of Fras (now Frasses), called Les Pras, les Phras, “the meadows” in dialect. It appears to have been the first community in the valley to adopt regulations in 1554, subsequent to an order from the Canton dated 1549. It had, besides the town of Fras, houses in Prarion, Pischieux, Tsahèla and Cretta.

Its territory went as far as the stream of Pinsec, to the south of the path of Trutzau (exit on the Mayoux-Plandissoz-Fariné road). The habitations were likely more dispersed than today and consisted of smaller units.

The archives of the “ Société du village “ dating from the seventeenth century list Mayeur and not Mayoux.