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Anniviers - From the Navizence to the Lac Noir (Black Lake), via the Moiry dam, there is a wide choice of fishing locations. This is your chance to discover (or rediscover) a fun activity with surprisingly relaxing virtues.

Fishing is allowed in the following rivers and lakes:

  • La Navizence (from 1st Sunday in March to 1st Sunday in October)
  • The Gougra
  • The Torrent des Moulins (from St-Luc to Vissoie)
  • The Moiry dam
  • The Illsee dam
  • Lac Noir (see conditions below)
  • Lac des Autannes (see conditions below)
  • Espace Bozon fishing lake in Chalais (see conditions below)

Please note : Tuesday and Friday are "no fishing days" for all rivers

Fishing is not allowed in the following rivers and lakes:

  • From the mouth of the Pinsec stream to the Vissoie reservoir, including the Pinsec stream (reserve)
  • The Lac du Louché (Vallon de Réchy)
  • The Lac Armina
  • The Lac de Lona

Cantonal fishing permit

Day fishing permit

Adults: CHF 30

Children (14 to 16): CHF 23.50

Weekend fishing permit 

(2 consecutive days, including weekdays)

Adults: CHF 50

Children (14 to 16): CHF 37.-

On sale 

At the Grimentz and Chandolin Tourist Office

At the restaurant du Lac de Moiry in Grimentz


Joël Florey - +41(0)79 355 39 20

 - http://www.vs.ch/scpf 


Fishing permit for the Lac Noir (Chandolin)

Day fishing permit 

  • CHF 25 (2 trouts max.)
  • Free to children Under 16 (accompanied by an adult) who attend the Centre Scolaire d'Anniviers or its out-of-school childcare service

Membership card

  • The first yea r: CHF 160.-
  • The following years : CHF 90.-
On sale 
  • At the sport shop Chandolin-Sport
  • At the Tsapé restaurant
  • The cantonal fishing permit is not valid here


Cédric Donzé - +41(0)78 620 33 36


Règlement pêche au Lac Noir 

Fishing permit for the Lac des Autannes (Grimentz)

Day fishing permit 

Standard : CHF 30.- max. 2 trout (min. 25cm) 

Weekend permit

(2 consecutive days, including weekdays)

Standard : CHF 50.-. max. 4 trout (min. 25cm) 

Membership card 

1st year: CHF 160

Subsequent years: CHF 110

Fishing permits are available from
  • Tourist office, Grimentz

  • Do-Sports shop, Grimentz

  • Restaurant du Lac de Moiry

  • Restaurant La Gougra /St-Jean

Introductory sessions available on request

  • For a minimum of 2 people (or for groups) from July to end-September

  • Selon les conditions météo
  • Possibilité de repas (fondue ou grillade)

The cantonal fishing permit is not valid here


Florian Moll - +41(0)79 644 33 18


Espace Bozon fishing lake

Espace Bozon fishing lake Fishing in the pond is allowed, but you have to be accompanied by a member of the local fishing association. Please contact M. Jeannot Caloz for information. The price is per kilo caught

Jeannot Caloz (groupement des pêcheurs) - +41(0)27 455 56 72

Buvette de l'Espace Bozon - +41(0)79 332 18 21


Lac_noir_2019 from laetitia sauthier on Vimeo.