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Cup-and-ring stones

Grimentz - All the evidence indicates that the cup-and-ring stones have a role associated with prehistoric cultural practices. Nine information panels tell you all about the site of the cup-and-ring stones at Grimentz

The area of the Val d’Anniviers has around twenty cup-and-ring stones. This phenomenon has never been explained; all that is known about these stones is that they were carved with a variety of different motifs, and a link with cultural practices is suspected. They are thought to date from the Neolithic or the Bronze Age. Anything else is merely legend.

The cup-and-ring stones at Grimentz

The cup-and-ring stones at Grimentz were discovered at a place formerly known as “Chlasche” and can be found near the bridge that crosses the stream of La Gougra to the Ilôt Bosquet.


The Pirra Martera (Martyrs’ Stone) is at the centre of the site. The nine information panels are arranged around this 10 m tall stone. They provide information on this historical site, which includes :


  • Blocks
  • Slabs
  • Cup-and-ring stones
  • Carvings


Since 1988, all the Grimentz cup-and-ring stones have been classified a “monument of national significance” in the Swiss Inventory of Cultural Property. An information leaflet (in French and German) is available at the Tourist Office.Additionnal information
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