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Chalet Madeleine

Ayer - Dating from the 16th century, Chalet Madeleine is typical of the houses in the Val d'Anniviers at that time

Near the Maison Bourgeoisiale at Ayer, you can see a mixture of private houses, large stables and granaries built on piles. Chalet Madeleine is a perfect example of these houses of yesteryear.

Chalet Madeleine (Ayer)

Chalet Madeleine dates from the 16th century, and was lived in until the 1960s. It shows how wood and stone were combined in traditional architecture. The interior comprises a kitchen and a bedroom, and is extremely simple in its style and contents.

The basic elements can be seen: fireplace, pot hook, mantelpiece, soapstone stove and bunk bed.

Groups may book a guided tour of Chalet Madeleine and the village of Ayer.


Information and bookings
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