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The botanical walks

Chandolin - The Chandolin "Botanical Walks" provide 22 information panels to increase your knowledge of flowers

The Chandolin “Botanical Walks” educational trail has been designed with the aim of raising walkers’ awareness of the different types of plant life in the region. 22 information panels describe the local flora; these are set out along existing footpaths and are arranged into four suggested routes. The numerical classification of the panels in itself has no connection with the paths; they are classified in accordance with their environment.


The panels provide information such as:

  • Explaining the type of vegetation
  • The distinguishing features of the plants
  • The main types that characterise them
  • The active substances and culinary value of certain plants

The plants described can be seen in their natural habitats within a radius of around 10 m of the panel in question.

At altitudes between 2000 and 2700 m, the Chandolin “Botanical Walks” are freely accessible. An illustrated guide is available from the Chandolin Tourist Office (CHF 12). This detailed, complete guide is essential for gaining a more in-depth appreciation of this subject. Available in French and German.


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