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The Bisse de Ricard

The Bisse de Ricard offers wonderful views over the Rhone valley.

The bisse de Ricard dates back to 1484 and takes its water from the deep gorges of the Navizence, beneath the Niouc suspension bridge. The bisse is still in use, but the first part of it has been replaced by a tunnel. On emerging from the gorges, it flows in the open, except for a few sections where it is enclosed by pipes. A few meadows in Tzararogne still have little channels running across them, for surface irrigation. A footpath runs alongside the entire length of the bisse, ending at the river Rèche, a little way below the waterfall.



From Réchy to Chippis, via the bisse de Ricard

From Réchy, take the vallon de Réchy path as far as the waterfall (chute du bisse) and keep on this path, following the bisse upstream. A short distance after the tunnel, a small path descends to Chippis. It is possible to continue as far as the former water take-off point, but the path is no longer maintained and has some  steep drops. A bus service connects Réchy and Chippis.


Further information available from the tourist office:

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