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The belling of the stags

End of September, October, Vercorin - The autumn here is the ideal time to come and hear the belling of the stags echoing through the Vallon de Réchy (nature reserve). Watching the stags in their rutting season is a unique experience.

Each year during the mating season, the forest of the Vallon de Réchy resonates to the rhythms of the belling of the stags. This is the season for which the stags are most famous, when you can hear the renowned “belling”. It resonates throughout the valley from the end of September to the beginning of October.


This period is a turbulent one for the rutting stags, as the old males defend their herd of females and the young males seek to steal those who stray too far. Intimidation moves may suffice, as the old males are experienced, but in some cases combats may ensue, and the noise of clashing antlers resounds through the valley.

This is a very physically trying time for the stags, as they eat next to nothing and have no respite: fighting, mating, keeping watch is their lot. They can lose up to 20 kg. The young males have the best chance towards the end of the rut when the older males have sapped their strength and are no longer up to keeping watch over their herd.




Organised trip - the belling of the stags in the heart of the night

Every year, Vercorin Tourism and its mountain guides invite you on a tour to experience the belling of the stags. Walk as far as the Tsartsey mountain pasture in the heart of the Vallon de Réchy, watch the stags, enjoy a seasonal meal: autumn produce, tasting venison sausages, etc. Spend the night on the mountain, have breakfast as the sun rises and enjoy further wildlife-watching; return to Vercorin mid-afternoon.

This stag-watching trip has been arranged over two days in order to cause the least possible disruption for the animals. Around 2½ hours’ walk each way.


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