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Arts Pluriels

Vercorin - Arts Pluriels presents exhibitions on a wide range of themes, showcasing different artists in turn.

At the heart of Valais, in Réchy, Arts Pluriels is a place to visit and exchange ideas, dedicated to modern creation at the crossroads between tradition and innovation. Arts Pluriels builds bridges between crafts and contemporary art, two fields of activity whose association with one another is often considered taboo.

By organising themed exhibitions, Arts Pluriels invite the public to discover for themselves the diversity of artistic creation. Its annual programme gives carte blanche to a wider reflection on the similarities and differences between craftsmanship and art.

Each exhibition is accompanied by events that punctuate the life of the Château de Réchy. Conferences and themed and/or gourmet evenings enliven these opportunities for exchange on creation in all its forms.


- To stage all types of activities and events in line with its stated aims,
- To promote contact and encourage exchanges between partners from different backgrounds, including cultural and tourism-related fields,
- To stage events and shows in conjunction with its exhibitions,
- To organise exhibitions, primarily at the Château de Réchy,
- To promote arts and crafts and their relations with the different forms of artistic and cultural expression.



Château de Réchy
Rte du Tombec 6, CP 3
3966 Réchy
+41 77 421 16 66
Website : artspluriels.ch