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Apiary tour

As part of the "From Chalais to the chalets" walks, beekeeper Gilbert Duruz offers a guided tour of his apiary every Saturday between 09:00 and 12:00.

As you follow the "en passant par les ruches" ("passing by the beehives") path, various boards provide information about apitherapy and the management of beehives and bees. Besides the walk itself, we offer a fun educational trail which will introduce you to the world of bees.

The path takes you along the Bisse de Vercorin and the Bisse de Savannes to the Tsabloz apiary, where guided tours are offered every Saturday in June, July and August. The tours will be conducted by a professional beekeeper from the local area.

In the course of this 2.8km walk, you will discover the amazing world of honey bees, through a series of information boards aimed at visitors of all ages. Translations of these boards are available in several different languages via a QR code.


Every Saturday in June, July and August, from 09:00 to 12:00, by prior arrangement with Gilbert Duruz
0041 (0)79 212 40 50
Vercorin Tourisme
+41(0)27 455 58 55