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The Adventures of Besso

New: the alternate reality game "Besso Adventures" immerses you in the myths and legends of Anniviers.

The Adventures of Besso

Besso is a young gnome who, along with his people, is taken prisoner by the Ice Demon. He succeeds in escaping and in doing so, he unleashes ancient forces of evil. To free his fellow gnomes and overcome demons, witches and other supernatural beings, he is looking for valiant volunteers.

2 routes available :

  • A St-Luc
  • A St-Jean (dès l'été 2019)

The game

“Besso Adventures” is an alternate reality game (a game which incorporates the player's actual environment, adapting and transforming it, then using it as the setting for an imaginary scenario into which the player is immersed). It is inspired by the tales of Rozinna.

Practical information

During the game, players move from one stage to the next by completing challenges and answering questions. Each route is a quest that brings the gnomes a little closer to freedom. The greater the number of players, the higher the cumulative score, and the more real the aim becomes.

  • The route takes 2-3 hours to walk, and is accessible to all.
  • The game is available on smartphones (iPhone and Android).
  • The 1st route offered is at St-Luc. Other routes will be available soon.
  • On reaching the starting point, all you have to do is open the app and be guided!

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