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Zau Zoura, from the village to the mid-alpine pasture

Zau Zoura reveals the ecosystem between the village and the mid-alpine pasture, and the integration of human beings into this environment over time. This educational trail is suitable for everyone - children and adults, local residents and visitors alike.

Practical information

  • Season: Accessible from May to November
  • Remarks: 16 information posts at intervals along the trail The route may be shortened by cutting through from post 7 back to post 11 --> Short version: approx. 2½ hrs / 3.5 km / ascent/descent: +300 metres / –300 metres
  • Look carefully, as posts 2 and 3 are below the path
  • *Option of shortening the walk by going directly from post 7 to post 11 (please note that the map inside the brochure is incorrect and shows the route being shortened at post 6)


Zau Zoura, from the village to the mid-alpine pasture
3961 Ayer
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Introduction : Ayer village
A combination of old, new and traditional buildings.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°1 : The Torrent
The Torrent du Moulin (mill stream) its source, its plant life and its village.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°2 : The Zau Edge
An edge or border is a transition area between forest and grassland.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°3 : Cupule stones
Cupule stones : a treasure that has been preserved for over 3500 years.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°4 : The Clearing
This small meadow is a particularly diversified station. At once sunny and warm in its center,...
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°5 : Trees and Shrubs
This light penetrated forest enables trees and shrubs to grow.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°6 : Rocks
The heart of the Zau Zoura is nothing but screes, rocks and cliffs. In this hostile environment...
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°7 : Avalanches
An avalanche came down here for the last time in February 1999 and ran beyond this road.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°8 : Transhumance
Anniviers farmers continue to pursue the practice of transhumance with their cattle.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°9 : The Mountains
The history of this landscape began a long time ago.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°10 : The mayen
The life of Anniviards and their animals was ruled by grass growth.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°11 : The protective role of the forest
93.05 % of Anniviers woodland, are protective forests.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°12 : Vivian windstorm
On February 21 and 22, 1990, the windstorm “Vivian” » overturned more than 80 % of trees on a...
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°13 : The Gollyre Mines
These rocks conceal an ore which dyes glass blue and hardens steel.
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°14 : The Moraine
How long could you withstand the noon sun on this slope on a July day?
Zau Zoura /SD Ayer - Post n°15 : Agriculture
To decipher the current landscape you need to understand the historical lifestyle of Anniviers...
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