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Yannick Noah reveals all: ‘Mon Eldorado’, paean to the sun, was composed in Anniviers

In a recent interview, the artist revealed that one of his biggest hits was inspired by Anniviers.

‘Du soleil, comme s’il en pleuvait, le cœur en été. Et la vie, avec toi…’ (Dripping with sunshine, the joys of summer. And life, with you…) If you weren’t already humming Yannick Noah’s hit, you will be now! In 2003, the French singer lit up the airwaves in much the same way that the sun washes over the Val d’Anniviers. Eighteen years later, the former tennis star reminisces about one of his most popular songs. In a tell-all interview, he humbly stresses that ‘this isn’t my achievement – it’s down to the whole valley’.

Thanks to Rosset

Spring 2003. Yannick Noah was looking for inspiration. ‘To get my creative juices flowing, I need to really steep myself in a place, really get under the skin of a story’, he explained. ‘My friend Marc Rosset, who I bonded with on the circuit, often talked to me about his little slice of heaven here. He would frequently visit in the summer to practise on Grimentz’s gorgeous tennis courts’.

So it was that the singer arrived in the Val d’Anniviers at the start of April. ‘I’d told my producer that I’d stay for three months – long enough for me to write a single’, he recalled. However, everything went much faster than expected. ‘Just one morning was enough – I was amazed by what I experienced, so much so that it took me just two hours to write the lyrics and set them to music. My friend Rosset hadn’t been exaggerating when he said that in Anniviers, they’re really lucky with the weather’.

Not a one-off

According to a very high-profile producer on the Paris music scene, ‘L’Eldorado’ by Yannick Noah is just one example of this phenomenon. ‘This wasn’t a first’, he said, firmly. ‘Where do you think Richard Cocciante got his sunstroke in 1989?’. He added: ‘I can also confirm that in 1972, when Claude François holidayed in Saint-Luc, it wasn’t just Monday that was sunny’.

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