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Vallon de Réchy

Protected from the effects of civilisation, the Vallon de Réchy is a jewel of nature. The waterfall, the meanders of the Ar du Tsan, the Lac du Louché and the diversity of the wildlife give this valley a wild, pure character. A nature reserve to be discovered on foot, in calm contemplation.

The Vallon de Réchy is a perfectly-conserved nature reserve abounding in amazing natural riches: a waterfall, meanders, a lake, a great diversity of fauna and flora, landscapes of striking beauty, and more. The Vallon is protected from the effects of civilisation. With no roads or buildings, it offers a wide range of hiking opportunities and is truly a haven of peace.

Discover the Vallon de Réchy by following the irrigation channel (bisse) from Vercorin, then watch the local wildlife from the La Lé snack bar. In the uplands, discover the crystalline waters of the Ar du Tsan meanders, then those of the Lac du Louché. This valley is one of the secrets of Valais, with its remote, intact corners and its grand, awe-inspiring landscapes that have fed the imagination of numerous artists, painters, poets, writers and photographers.

The Vallon de Réchy is divided into three different levels:

The Bas-Vallon (lower valley): after hurling itself down an impressive waterfall, the Rèche winds its way through forests, clearings and pastures
The Vallon-Moyen (middle valley): a rocky barrier lies across the valley. Once you are past this natural portal, the trees give way to vast plateaux covered with moorland. The Alpine grassland leads to the Ar du Tsan at its heart.
The Haut-Vallon (upper valley): the topmost section of the valley shelters the Lac du Louché. This also has the role of a natural water tower, acting as a drinking water reservoir for the region’s population.


  • Crêt-du-Midi - Vercorin: 4h
  • Crêt-du-Midi - Ar du Tsan: 1h10
  • Refuge du Bisse - Buvette de la Lé: 1h


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