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Tour d'Anniviers

Vissoie - Since summer 2011, the Anniviers Tower has been arranging a rich cultural programme: exhibitions, plays and concerts spread throughout the year. The former residence of the local Lords and Squires is now entirely devoted to culture.

The Anniviers Tower, cultural beacon of the valley
Since 2011, the ACTA (Anniviers Tower Cultural Association) has injected new life into the Tower with an attractive cultural programme. Concerts, shows and exhibitions are all part of the Association’s cultural agenda. The three lower storeys are given over to exhibitions, while the fourth storey is laid out as a theatre (60 seats).


  • 13th century : The Anniviers Tower forms part of a complex of adjacent stone houses in the village of Vissoie. These houses create a kind of fortress, of which the Tower is the keep. At this time the Tower only has three levels
  • 1235 : The Bishop gives the village in fief to the Lords of Anniviers
  • 1467 : The Bishop reasserts his ownership rights in Anniviers and has the valley administered by a Castellan and Vice-Castellan. At this point he has the Tower increased to its present height
  • 1467-1798 : The Tower is the administrative centre of the valley
  • Dès 1798 : It falls into private hands
  • 1975 : The Municipality of Vissoie buys it back
  • 1982-1984 : Restoration works
  • Dès 1984 : Primary assemblies and exhibitions are held in the Anniviers Tower
  • From 2009 : Following a merger of municipalities, the Tower becomes the property of the Municipality of Anniviers. It is decided to dedicate the Tower to culture. Various renovation works are undertaken to rejuvenate it and make it ready for its new purpose

Useful documents

DIARY of exhibitions, concerts, events available here


Association Culturelle de la Tour d'Anniviers
3961 Vissoie
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