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Suzanne Niquille - Studio-Gallery Vercorin

Come and explore the world of artist Suzanne Niquille in her studio/gallery in the centre of Vercorin.

Visual artist Suzanne Niquille discovered her creative talent very early in life, a talent she initially developed via figurative painting on paper and canvas, using gouache and then oils.

Nowadays, her painted work is a search for harmony between the structure and the colour that she produces by combining different materials: water-based resin, acrylic paint, ink, minerals, vegetable matter, textiles, fibres, etc.

For her sculptures, she uses wood, paper clay, clay and acrylic resins, producing human figures with dashes of humour, tenderness and poetry, and also abstract works. She brings the materials to life, evoking a range of responses through her sensitivity and her personal explorations and experiences.


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Suzanne Niquille - Studio-Gallery Vercorin
Rue Edouard Vallet 4
3967 Vercorin

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