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Sustainable development

Soft mobility, alternative energies, waste, biodiversity: the Val d'Anniviers takes care of its sustainable development!

Live Monitoring Solaredge - Grimentz
(production and consumption of solar energy produced in Grimentz)


Is the Val d’Anniviers also affected by these changes? In a word, yes. Last September, several local tourist industry workers travelled to the Moiry glacier to talk with Tristan Brauchli from the CREALP (Centre de recherche sur l'environnement alpin – the Centre for Research on the Alpine Environment) about the visible impact of climate change in the area. Thanks to archival photographs, those present were able to see the extent to which the glacier has retreated in the last decade. According to Brauchli, ‘the Moiry glacier has retreated by one kilometre in 100 years. Global warming is more severe in the Alps, so naturally its impact and outcomes in the Alpine environment will be more marked’.


CO2 emissions from different vehicles were measured on a journey from Grimentz to Sierre and back. You will find the summary hereafter:



As a result of burning fossil fuels, heat production contributes to roughly 50% of CO2 emissions in Switzerland. Green energy sources, such as solar energy captured by photovoltaic cells can be tapped to counter these effects. Indeed, as part of the TV program Mission Possible, several people from Grimentz and the surrounding area helped install solar tiles on the roof of the trash shed located at the intersection of the Roua and Rahâs roads. These tiles are powerful enough to supply the energy needed to power the small charging stations around the shed, and are easy on the eye to boot!




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