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The Sierre–Zinal race /Sierre-Zinal

The Sierre–Zinal race, also known as the Race of Five 4000m Peaks, is considered to be one of the finest mountain races in the world.

Take part yourself or come and support the runners along this incredible race that links the town of Sierre in the Rhône valley with the Anniviers village of Zinal. A canteen and musical entertainment are waiting for you close to the finish line.

The Sierre–Zinal race, also known as the Race of Five 4000m Peaks, is considered to be one of the finest mountain races in the world. It has been written that it is to mountain races what the New York marathon is to marathons. It is also the oldest of the major mountain events in Europe.

Tickets cost CHF 7 and may be bought from the Tourist Office on the Saturday until 17:00 or from the drivers on the morning of the race (please have the exact fare ready).
(General travel passes are not accepted.)

To get to the starting line from Val d’Anniviers in the morning, prior to the race Zinal: coaches leave at 03:15 for the tourist runners and at 08:00 for the elite runners Grimentz: coaches leave from the gondola lift station at 03:30 for the tourist runners and at 08:15 for the elite runners Chandolin: a coach leaves at 07:00 for the elite runners. There are no coaches for the tourist runners: they have to go down to Vissoie, where they can catch a bus that travels the Zinal-Sierre route.

Where to watch the race:
at the start of the race in Sierre: the first bend in the Anniviers cantonal road overlooks the start area at Niouc: mandatory checkpoint for the Runner category; optional for the Tourist category at Chandolin:
From 06:40 to see the first tourist runners pass
From 09:30 for the start of the juniors race
From 10:55 to see the first elite runners pass
at Tignousa: the St-Luc funicular railway will take you directly to the Tignousa refuelling station and allows you to access the top of the route. Planets Trail to Hôtel Weisshorn at Zinal: from the dyke (last 700 m) to the finish line, come cheer, applaud and honour the 4250 participants during their last push.


  • 11.08.2019

Practical information

  • Starting list for the tourists
    - 4h45 BLOC 1
    - 4h55 BLOC 2
    - 5h05 BLOC 3
    - 5h15 BLOC 4
    - 5h25 BLOC 5
  • For the runner
    - 10h00 BLOC 1
    - 10h05 BLOC 2
    - 10h10 BLOC 3
  • Concerning the closing of the roads, the old T9 will have to be closed from 2:30 to 10:30 and the road of Anniviers will be closed a first time for the departure of the tourists from 4:40 to 5:40 (1h of time) and a second time for the runners of 9:55 to 10:25 (30 minutes).

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