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The return of our friends

Is it possible that the five young people who are walking in Anniviard costumes, a little further on the Saint-Jean-Grimentz road, have taken a postal wagon in 1930 ?

They walk without apparent effort. They “return” from an unknown point of departure, surely in the past. Since the earliest times those who “left” returned to show others the paths. If they are from Saint-Jean, they necessarily know the history. Let’s catch up with them ! Our friends who are returning will surely interrupt their trip and accompany us through the village. Saint-Jean’s paths are timeless.

The historical tour of Saint-Jean is a moment of insight to mountain life offered to visitors. Suspended in time at 1400 m above sea level without chronological concerns, the visitor can wander, and listen to the testimonies of the souls of this place, living or dead, who built, and loved this village. The memories that nourish the journey open a large book full of characters, events, anecdotes that can be subject to discussion, according to the point of view of the person who tells them. Oral history is never uniform, that’s what gives it its charm.

In homage to the first settlers, the route first takes us to Saint- Jean d’en-haut, to finish at Saint-Jean d’en-bas, in the quiet space of the chapel of Saint-Jean-Baptiste. In general, it follows the roua with secret escapes through the narrow passages that cross between the houses. The point of departure and arrival is the Café La Gougra where, over a drink, the stories of the village are told.

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The return of our friends
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