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Prizes and awards

Having won several different awards, the Val d'Anniviers is forging a solid reputation and positioning itself as a "must-visit" tourist destination

Acclaim for the Chandolin Boutique Hotel
2018 - The Chandolin Boutique Hotel is one of the 8 most affordable hotel-restaurants for gourmet...
Anniviers a obtenu le label de qualité : TOP DESTINATION R2
L’ARSS (Alliance Résidences Secondaires Suisse) a décerné le label TOP DESTINATION R2 à...
Anniviers heads list of Europe's "hidden gems"
2016 - The Val d'Anniviers heads CNN's list of the top 10 "hidden gems" among European skiing...
Anniviers is one of Switzerland's top 10 skiing areas
2016 - The Val d’Anniviers has been classed as one of Switzerland's top 10 skiing areas by the...
Boulangerie Salamin in the limelight
Local bakery “Boulangerie Salamin” gains various awards and lots of media coverage.
Etoile d'Or for Anniviers raclette cheese
2013 - Anniviers cheese cooperative receives an award for excellence for its AOP Raclette du...
Grimentz is one of the 10 most beautiful ski resorts
2016 - Grimentz is ranked 2nd in the list of the top 10 most beautiful alpine resorts compiled by...
International award for Grimentz-Zinal
2016 – Grimentz-Zinal won the 2016 "Erlebnisberg" award for its skiing area, and also the...
Press feature on "Salaisons d'Anniviers"
"Salaisons d'Anniviers" produces one of the best dried meats in Switzerland. Profile of the...
Val d'Anniviers recognised by Ridestore magazine
The Val d'Anniviers has entered the Top 100 of the Best Ski Resorts in Europe, based on the...
Val d’Anniviers one of “Europe’s 10 best budget ski resorts”
2017 - Val d’Anniviers has made the list of the top 10 European ski resorts offering the best...
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