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Poste 3. Hôtel des Diablons

The Hotel des Diablons which has been rented since 2001 by Intersoc, the holiday organiser of “ Mutualité Chrétienne de Belgique “, was a Club Méditerranée resort from 1966 until 1994. The SET Zinal (Tourist Development Company) created at the initiative of the municipality of Ayer, acquired the Diablons and Durand hotels and had them renovated.

In the early winter of 1966-1967, the first guests of the Club Méditerranée arrived in Zinal. As the construction of the cable car had been delayed, it was decided to transport skiers by air from Zinal to Sorebois. Air-Glaciers chartered a seven-seat Porter aircraft that flew the shuttle between the flat areas of La Lée and Sorebois.
In 1863, Jean-Baptiste and Julienne Epiney-Antille, owners of the first inn, built the Hotel Durand, which was enlarged twice afterwards. Its style earned it the nickname of the “Chartreuse”.

In 1894, at the initiative of Tabin brothers from Vissoie, the Grand Hotel des Diablons was inaugurated, bearing the name of the small mountain chain that overlooks Zinal to the east.
This hotel, very large for its time, could accommodate about 150 people who enjoyed all the amenities found in cities. In 1932, the Queen of Holland and her entourage stayed there for thirteen days. Catholic, Anglican and Evangelical services were celebrated every Sunday. A trio or a classical music quartet played during the stay of the guests.
The Grand Hotel des Diablons offered “all the amenities of a first class mountain hotel.“

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To reach the Hotel de la Poste, continue about 30 meters.

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Poste 3. Hôtel des Diablons
3961 Zinal
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