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Poste 8. Ecole des filles

Part of the building (left) which is now the Margueron chalet, housed the girls’ school in the village.

Around 1900, the community of Saint-Luc, which was still the largest in the valley, built a school especially for girls, in order to meet the legal requirements concerning the separation of boys and girls, as soon as the number of students permitted the duplication of a class. The boys’ classroom was located in the Maison Bourgeoisiale.
Most often, it was a priest who taught reading, writing and arithmetic, in addition to teaching catechism, which concerned the Christian faith and Christian morality. In order to secure the exclusive service of a priest, the residents of Saint-Luc, with those of Chandolin, separated from the parish of Vissoie and founded their own parish in 1806. They wanted so at the time, to support the education of their children and the piety of the faithful.

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The barn and stables, located just after the Margueron chalet, is the next location on the tour.

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Poste 8. Ecole des filles
3961 St-Luc


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