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Post 11. Village Street

The Village Street opens up to you. The view is gorgeous between the cobblestone streets and wooden houses, that are flowered in summer.

The flowering of the village continues an old tradition, which officially dates back to 1831, when the inhabitants, after building their new church, decided to decorate it. This tradition gives rise to the annual flowered balcony competition, the result of which was announced on August 16, the day of Saint-Théodule, the patron saint of the village, until 2010. Since 2011, the results are given on August 15.

As you go by, observe the fountain of the baker. Just after the restaurant on your left, look at the old gate with its framing arc forming a semicircle above the door, the keystone of which is dated 1510. This framework was made with cargneule de Moiry stone ( Basset de Lona ) certainly brought to the village by mule.

While continuing along the street, note the houses, most of which date from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They all have the same characteristics: larch beams darkened by rain and sun, and different construction phases. The houses were enlarged as needed, as the families grew. Large families lived in small homes. For example, a family of eleven people ( the parents, their eight children born between 1917 and 1931 and the grandfather ) lived in a house consisting of two rooms and a kitchen.

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Continue to Place du Chaudron, located right on the rue du Village. On the way by, note the covered fountain to the left.

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Post 11. Village Street
3961 Grimentz
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