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Post 7. Old Village Café

This building is of no particular interest in terms of the builtheritage, but is of great importance in the memory of the villagers.

Opened in 1956 by a young couple, the Bel-Air café-restaurant, located on the ground floor of the main house, was closed, when the owners went into retirement. Located along the road that leads to Vercorin, this property has welcomed the people of Pinsec and those passing through. This is where residents and visitors met to share a friendly drink, savour fondue and sometimes for routine business.

On the south façade, a sentence in dialect is inscribed : “ Oung Pillho dö Cömoug po lè Cömôni. Oun Ilièjé pö lè Pèrotsing. Oung Paradét po lè Brâvo Monndo. Oun Enfèr po lè Rôfê. Öna Pêingté po lè J’Amêc “which means : “A communal house for communiers. A church for parishioners. A paradise for good people. Hell for beggars. A coffee for friends. “

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Post 7. Old Village Café
3961 Pinsec
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