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Post 11. View of the Stables

Community or private, the stable is a place that attracts attention, irresistibly. It is a warm home in the heart of winter. The private stable of Raphy Z., built in 2007 is located in Saint-Jean d’en-haut. Below, the community stable of Saint-Jean, built in 1976, is a symbol of the spirit of solidarity in the village.

Following the abandonment of stables by the local farming community in the 1960s, a group of friends decided to do something together. In 1975 - 1976, twenty of them spent hours working to build a community stable, aided by subsidies and credits from the Swiss Confederation. They agreed to manage the barn with a cowherd for twenty years. Cows were brought to the community stable for the first time in 1977.

The people have inexhaustible anecdotes about cows. Let us listen to René Z: “What does it bring to have cows in the barn? If you count everything, nothing remains and if you count nothing, everything remains.

The cows were brought here for the first time in 1977. 1976 was a year of severe drought. This was a disaster for the farmers from Vaud who keep their livestock throughout the year in the village. It was so dry that they had no more grass for their animals. They were ready to liquidate everything. In Valais, we had water.

They phoned the Department of Agriculture in Valais to see if and where there was grass to graze. (...) Thus two Vaudois families came to the brand new barn with their livestock, while the cows from here were out to pasture. (...) Since then, a beautiful friendship was born, and every year they return for the cow fights (match de reines). “

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Before going to Saint-Jean d’en-haut, separated from Saint-Jean du-milieu by the stream, our friends point out ruins overgrown with shrubs to the left of a large wooden cross.

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Post 11. View of the Stables
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