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Post 14. View of the Hotel Weisshorn

The brothers Francesco and Pietro Mosoni from Bognanco (Domodossola region, Italy), retailers in the grocery and dry goods business in Zermatt and Sierre, planned to build a hotel in Saint-Luc and decided to erect it outside of the village, at a place called “Téha-Féja” at an altitude of 2337 meters.

Work began in 1882. Given the chosen location, the obligation to carry all the materials needed by mule from Vissoie and long winters when the site remained closed, it is difficult to specify the date of the opening of this hotel, but it was probably in 1884.
Four dates are certain:
April 21, 1886, the Gazette of Valais, the Confédéré and the Swiss Alpine Club magazine “Les Alpes” published advertisements for the hotel.
July 31, 1889, a fire destroyed the entire first floor which was made of wood. The reconstruction was decided on quickly, and the new hotel was to be more beautiful than before because it had a high stone base, with a basement, four floors, a veranda on pilotis, a lounge and a smoking room.
During the summer of 1891, the new hotel was inaugurated. It is seen from afar, strange and incongruous, posed, like a piece of sugar, on a rocky ledge that dominates the valley.
It was linked, in 1898, to the electricity grid and telephone network of Anniviers in 1898.
In 1974, Casterman comics published “The Wolf’s Lair”, an adventure of a reporter called Lefranc. Its author, the Frenchman Jacques Martin, who is also the writer of “The Adventures of Alix “imagines a story of terrorist attacks in the magnificent setting of the Anniviers road, the village of Saint-Luc and the Hôtel Weisshorn.
The Hotel Weisshorn at 2337 meters, is accessible by foot, ski or mountain bike. It takes two hours to reach the hotel on foot from the village and approximately 1 h 30 from the Tignousa station of the funicular.

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Post 14. View of the Hotel Weisshorn
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