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Post 1. View of the Cross

Formerly erected higher up, the cross was moved during work to widen the road in the 1960s. The inscriptions indicating the direction to Vissoie and Ayer-Mission on the cross arms are thus reversed.

The first location is close to the Bienvenue ( Welcome ) panel. The territory of the fomer town of Ayer extended to this point.

The sign indicates the pairing between the former town of Ayer and Montferrier-sur-Lez ( France ), which was concluded in 1999.

For safety reasons, we advise you to view the cross to the left of the road in the direction of Vissoie, from this location.

The villages of Mission, Cuimey and La Combaz, while being part of the municipality of Ayer, were connected to the parish of Vissoie. That is why this cross was placed at the boundary between the old towns of Ayer and Vissoie. It was erected in “Memory of the Mission,” preached in 1949.

Every ten years, preachers of the congregation of Redemptionists were sent by the diocese to the parishes. They preached during the masses and animated evenings, and retreats for ten days, in order to revive the spiritual impulse of the faithful. The Capuchin friars, Franciscans were very dynamic. It is said that their voices would shake the vaults and raise souls. The retreats or missions, often ended with the installation of a cross. This explains the presence of numerous crosses in the valley.

Further down the road lies the community stable of Vissoie which was created in 1970. Several farm buildings of this type have been built in Anniviers, taking over from traditional agriculture, in order to maintain the meadows and to continue the rearing of Herens cows.

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Leave the main road and on the left, go up the secondary road to La Combaz. Continue fifty meters to the small wooden basin.

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Post 1. View of the Cross
3961 Les Morands, La Combaz, Cuimey
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